Media > CD & DIGITAL
Label > 4AD / UK
Style > POP / ROCK
Released > JANUARY 2010

Falling Down A Mountain by Tindersticks is the first album release of 2010 for 4AD. It also has the honour of being the first to appear on the shelves with a CAD 3X catalogue number.

The label debut from the band, Falling Down A Mountain is their eighth long-player and very much a group effort - with the trio of Stuart Staples, David Boulter and Neil Fraser having been joined by fresh additions Earl Harvin and David Kitt. Among other guests on the record, it notably features a rare guest vocal appearance by Mary Margaret O’Hara, who duets on 'Peanuts'.

As they readily admit themselves, this album shows the band pushing themselves with a renewed purpose and hunger, highlighting a more colourful side and proving them able to still throw a few surprises.



Media > CD
Style > POP / ROCK
Released > SEPTEMBER 2009

Siri Svegler is a true kid of the Eighties, at least on her birth certificate. But it's an influence that luckily wasn't reflected in her music which is just timeless and elegant. Since her childhood the young Swede prances through the world with open ears and a vision for the beauty. Just grown out of her diapers, she took dance lessons from an early age, and later acting classes and so left her home for London in 2000, to start her studies at the Arts Educational Schols. From there it was just a tiny step to a guest part in Wolfgang Petersen´s historical epic "Troy" (2004) - along with Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom or Peter O'Toole.

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kiss of kali (making of)

Media > CD
Label > INFRACOM! / D
Released > NOVEMBER 2008

A tribute to the psychedelic side of jazz ,varius influences put together from the guys in an great mix of funk, jazz, and oriental percussive style, giving it a really groovy "Eastern" sort of vibe! (Paolo Scotti) Mop Mop is the brainchild of Andrea Benini, musician, producer and DJ who has been active in the music world for more than ten years exploring a large variety of musical genres,from club to jazz music. Mop Mop's first album "The 11th Pill" (Tam Tam Studio Italy 2005/P-Vine Records Japan 2006) has obtained a lot of recognitions from musical critics and passionates inserting the combo between the most important nujazz artists. Mop Mop's first single "Perfect Day"(a Bobby Cole's track which was featured on "Gilles Peterson Digs America" Ubiquity/Brownswood U.S.A.)was released in 2006 by Deja Vu Records with a remix of the Schema-artist Gerardo Frisina.

Several musicians joined the Mop Mop project during these years like Latin piano player and composer Alex Trebo,"virtuoso" vibes player Pasquale Mirra,Down Beat Critics Poll winner Gianluca Petrella,Veteran Jazz singer Alan Farrington and the London singer Robina Veda. Mop Mop's music shakes Jazz and eclectic club sound with an Italian taste that joins international tendencies.

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Media > EP
Released > NOVEMBER 2008

Up and coming Electro Pop producers Bunny Lake are about releasing their first single from the new album. Into The Future EP, including a cool Italo meets Post-Punk remix by Tronik Youth, an Electro House monster floorfiller by australian The Aston Shuffle and Old-School House tune by Zombie Disco Squad.

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Media | CD
Released | NOVEMBER 2008

It has indeed been a bit of a surprise to learn that star DJ Timo Maas is to be releasing a track on Cocoon Recordings.
At least, the DJ from Lower Saxony who holds residencies at New York's Twilo and Ministry of Sound in London and has cooperated with or made remixes for Depeche Mode, Madonna, Kelis, Neneh Cherry and Brian Molko of Placebo, has a lot of Pop in his veins.
Together with his studio partner Sante Pucello from Italy (productions for Mantra Vibes, Sci + Tec and Hell Yeah Recordings, amongst others), Maas sets new standards in the art of adrenaline release within the clubbing underground.
Thus, the twelve-minute-long epic "Subtellite" consequentially shines with a deep hypnotic bass rotor and ample percussions, picking up some small organ and a Flamenco guitar en route, and when the bass drum returns after the breaks, there is no holding back anymore. In all respects is this one of the hottest candidates for THE Techno track of the second half year – and not only on the Cocoon floors.

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six arms and one leg

Media | CD
Released | JULY 2008

Lovers of electronic music have been raving about Minilogue for many years.
In 2008 it is almost impossible to imagine club music without the two musicians from Malm欠Sweden. Nowadays, electronic producers tend to retreat into their special stylistic niche - Minilogue dare to draw the bigger picture.
After releasing outstanding productions on such renowned labels as Traum, Crosstown Rebels and Wagon Repair, their opus magnum is to appear on Sven V嵨s Cocoon Recordings. There are few producers who match Cocoon's vision of an electronic sound both on the dancefloor and beyond the club so perfectly:
"Animals" covers a wide spectrum of music, it reaches from peaktime techno to beatless deep ambient. The full range of Minilogue's vision of electronic music is developed on a double CD, while the vinyl version naturally focuses on the dance tracks. The immediacy of the club tracks sweeps everything away that is circumstantial and long-winded in contemporary dance music. The tracks incorporate the elegance and simplicity of classical early Nineties' techno, the economy and lightness of the minimal sound and the sweetness and charm of the recent developments. "Animals" is not a collection of single tracks but a journey that is supposed be listened to from beginning to end and is mixed in a seamless flow.
Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson emerged from opposing backgrounds. In his youth Sebastian played a range of classical instruments, he even worked as a violin teacher in his teens. At 18 he discovered contemporary music and joined a band.
Marcus used to be a fan of Front 242 and Kraftwerk, he was ravished by the repetitive beats of techno when the music exploded in the nineties. He started to organize parties of his own and became a well known DJ in southern Sweden.
When Sebastian and Marcus met at a party, there was an immediate connection. With Sebastian's formal knowledge and Marcus experience with club music the two fitted together like a lock and its matching key. As Son Kite and Trimatic they became very successful in the trance scene, playing enthusiastically received live sets all over the world. With Minilogue they leave the boundaries of that genre - and actually of any genre. After having risen to the A-List of electronic producers, they still reside in the tiny city of Malm殠As boys from the countryside they enjoy the easy and humble life of a small town. At the same time Malm桨as always been very important for the underground dance music scene of Sweden.
Since techno and house have exploded in this country, Stockholm tends to ride the hypes and trends, while Malm桩s fighting for the deeper and more minimal side of the music. That is why Sebastian and Marcus still feel strongly and passionate about Malm桡s their musical home. Minilogue have always been very interested in the visual aspect of their art, it is natural for them to create a visual image as well as an audible one.
For many years they have thought of animals as the front for Minilogue. These animals do not actually exist as pets. They are mystic, imaginary creatures, merged together from different species. They function as symbols for Minilogue's approach to electronic music as a mix of different genres and styles.
The production of the album was a notable effort: It took Marcus and Sebastian three years until they were entirely happy with every bit of "Animals". In order to create something timeless, they quit working on the tracks from time to time and returned with virgin ears. The result couldn't be more striking: The dance tracks remain powerful and humble, the ambient tracks are subtle and bold at the same time. Minilogue's music is emotional but not moody.
While contemporary electronic producers tend to get lost in layers of sounds and reverb, "Animals" is spring-loaded and nimble. Tracks so humble, effective and elegant they stream unremittingly into the listeners ears.
The music stretches out towards the horizon in a gesture of unmitigated desire: a desire for wideness, a desire for sound, a desire for the elementary beauty of techno.

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Media | CD
Released | MAY '08


(ver fim do post)

total quality woman

Verlass die Stadt

Sie haben die Straßen
Auf Sprengstoff gebaut
Die Kanäle geflutet, den Abfluss gestaut
Die Luft längst vermengt
Mit astreinem Asbest
Und Beton dort gestreut
Wo das Gras nicht mehr wächst
Manche Gegenden der Stadt
Wurden gänzlich abgetrennt
Da kommt kein Auto mehr hin
Da fährt die Tram nicht mehr hin
Da in recht regelmässigen Intervallen
Menschen auf den Asphalt knallen

Bevor die Glut in dir erlischt
Verlass die Stadt
Die keine ist
Ein neuer Wundbrand in Athen
S'ist an der Zeit endlich zu gehn

Was uns abdrängt von dem Weg
Der da noch vor uns liegt
Ist das abgestandne Gas
Das noch immer durch uns fließt
Es ist Sommer in Wien
Und nicht Stalingrad, sagt er
Ich weiss, sag ich,
Und trotzdem ist mir kalt

Nur eine Frage der Zeit
Bis der nächste Stadtteil brennt
Seine-Saint-Denis scheint abgespannt
Doch eingedämmt
Mach die Augen zu und wünsch mich
Ins Zentrum der Leidenschaft zurück
Und plötzlich liegt was auf der Hand
Das sie zum Zittern bringt
Die Seele brennt
Genau wie all der Orte Straßen
Es ist Zeit diese Stadt zu verlassen

Bevor die Glut in dir erlischt
Verlass die Stadt
Die keine ist
Ein neuer Wundbrand in Athen
Ist an der Zeit endlich zu gehn
Nimm meine Hand
Und führ mich weg
Aus meiner Stadt
An jenen Ort
Der mich vermisst
Dort führ mich hin
Nimm meine Hand
Und bleib nicht stehn

Besides her artistic work Eva Jantschitsch was co-founding the musical formations Metrosau,
Motorsau and Songs of Suspects. Since the end of 2002 she focusses on her solo-projekt Gustav.

Like all previous Mosz releases "Rettet die Wale" [mosz005] is an artist's
first album. Behind the name 'Gustav' hides a female musician with mainly a Fine Arts background.
Though the "Rettet die Wale" is quite the opposite of Metalycée's
"Another White Album" [mosz004] it can also be considered a pop album in a wider sense.
Each piece on this CD is electronically based, but structured like a classic
popsong. They are put into perspective by the fragile voice of Gustav herself.
The title of the CD might seem kitschy and concerned but in fact Gustav wittily uses both, political facts and poetic elements.
In a way all the tracks contain more or less serious lyrics - basically German and English - but they are composed with a good sense of humour.

The long awaited second album of the Viennese extraordinary artist Gustav aka Eva Jantschitsch is finished!

For many people Gustav's critically acclaimed debut "Rettet die Wale ( save the whales ) was nothing more than rescuing the whole protest song genre. Besides the media artist and laptop-songwriter Gustav all of a sudden has become a new icon of the feminist music-scene and - concerning the movement of alter-globalization - the conscience of her generation. In 2005 Gustav wins the prize of the Austrian Music Industry called Amadeus Award. At the peak of her success she consequently avoids further public appearances as a solo artist and concentrates on remittance work and a bunch of other quite different side projects, recently the queer burlesque theatre piece Orlanding The Dominant.

The cross-gender alias Gustav represents a political thinking and basically media critical artist. The music sounds extremely ambivalent: catchy pop songs enter geeky la la laptop land and get infiltrated with some subversive aesthetic & political strategies: reinterpretation, exaggeration, ambiguity. All double layered by Gustavs unique voice.

Gustav thinks that her new album Verlass die Stadt has gotten darker - politically and emotionally - than her debut. But thats exactly what you dont recognize in the first time. What makes the earnest of her music so comfortable is an easiness which comes together with a great sense of humour. Gustavs imagination combined with her pue nonchalance is simply amazing and leaves anybody in astonishment. Her songs are like musical roller coaster rides through all kind of possible and impossible genres: experimental laptop sound, but also traditional Austrian brass music, Schlager as well as Sicilian mandolins. Gustav plays with all the cliché and extravagance of each different style - and leads the listener often to the garden path/leaves the listener in confusion. Theres an enormous gap between the cozy appeal of her music and the topics of the songs. Cause: the situation is definitely serious and theres really NO reason to tell anybody: all clear. Cause it isnt. Not at all.

Behind Gustav, Eva Jantschitsch lives and works in Vienna as an artist. She composes music for theater, movies and iPods. Gustav produces songs on the laptop, plays all kinds of instruments and "sings with the sort of inimitable power you cannot muster up any resistance to". With an origin in Vienna, Gustav's tunes are in various languages, sometimes English, sometimes French, sometimes German - " but the appeal ist completely universelle".

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victoria's secret


Media | CD
Label | !K7 / GB
Released | APR '08


After three sought-after singles for the Whatever We Want label-plus remixes for the likes of Gorillaz, François K, Cosmo Vitelli and, um, The Osmonds -
Quiet Village step out of the shadows to present their first full-length album, Silent Movie. Comprised of master crate-digger Joel Martin and rising dance-music star Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave), and borrowing their name from Martin Denny's exotica masterpiece, Quiet Village make the old sound new (and vice versa). Influenced by Italian film soundtracks, BBC library music, disco edits, acid rock, vintage soul and easy listening, they smear the unlikeliest elements - bluesy guitar, chamber strings, air-raid sirens, shuffling breakbeats, even flutes and seagull cries - into an hour-long reverie with Vaseline on its lens.

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Media | CD
Style | HOUSE
Released | OCT '07


Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, arranger, and songwriter Robert Strauss follows his critically acclaimed debut album 'Quasars and Phasars' (Freerange records, 2005) with 'Mr Feelings': a timeless piece of intense soul music inspired by the golden age of disco boogie and glitter ball extravaganza. Here we use the adjective 'inspired' tentatively, for Mr Strauss' main strength is to produce luscious synth-fuelled groovers which would not be out of place in a 1980's underground record shop, yet still have a decidedly contemporary feel to them. You really have to listen to 'Mr Feelings' to believe it.

Support from music industry's luminaries is deep and wide: Jazzanova, Joey Negro, Spiritual South and Yam Who? to name but a few have all expressed their full appreciation for the music of Robert Strauss, yet there can be no greater accolade for a musician trying to recreate and build on the more elegant sounds to come out of the 80's than the involvement of the man himself: Leroy Burgess. For 'Mr Feelings', Leroy Burgess comes out of the woodwork to not only lend his vocal talent to 'Hot like an Oven', but also to feature in Robert Strauss' band tour later this year.

This album has all the hallmarks of a future classic, and it makes BBE immensely proud to be part of the project. It will be supported by a full radio & press campaign, limited editon 12 " singles & tour.

source: soulseduction