Media | CD
Label | RAMJAC / GB
Released | NOV '07


This is Natalie Gardiner! This is California, her second album. The follow up to her 2004 underground success debutalbum. On this album Natalie continues to explore the deeper side of soul. A new set of songs that are heavily influenced by the great singer/songwriters era of the 70s, but at the same time it continues to break new ground in the elctronic landscape that have always been her stomping ground. It's a personal album of a sort that is rare to find today. An album filled with personal songs, high fueled beats and Natalies trademark vocal style. It's simply a Natalie Gardiner album.
Born in Uppsala, Sweden, with a father from Ghana and a Swedish mother Natalie's passion for singing and song writing began in an early age. Raised on her mothers large collection of jazz, soul and funk records Natalie soon started to sing in local jazz bands. In 1998 Natalie moved to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. After a few years of working with different bands and producers she finally started to work with producer RMJC, who had just recently started the label Ramjac. In 2004 her critically acclaimed self titled debut album was released.
After the success of her debut album Natalie's been a sought after name among many of Europe's top producers and DJ on the NuJazz / Soul scene. Examples of this is her excellent collaborations with Dutch producing ace Gerd and Finnish meastro Dj Slow.
In 2006 Natalie reunited with producer RMJC on two tracks on his album Transfusions. More electronic than ever and at the same time more organic than ever. The two tracks definitely left us who love the sound of Natalie Gardiners soothing voice wanting more.
Work on what was to become Natalie Gardiner second album, California started summer 2006.
Together with producer RMJC Natalie has once again created magic in the studio. Filling the songs with the musical talents of Goran Kajfes, Per Ruskträsk Johansson, Thobias Gabrielson, Jeppe Körsbär, Måns Block and Christer Karlsson. The album has an organic flavor to it that mixes perfectly with the sparkling beats of RMJC. And just like the sun that sets in the desert, California paints a picture with a million colors.

source: soul seduction